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Welcome to the ARHA Online Shop!

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Please note that Virginia residents will be charged sales tax.

Crystal Shop

Very Small Crystals (2 for $1(US), sold in pairs)

Carnelian Clear Quartz

Small Crystals ($1(US) each, up to 1/3oz)

Ametrine Bloodstone Citrine
Rose Quartz tumbled Rough Moss Agate Unikite
Jaspers Red Jasper Blue Lace Agate
Smoky Quartz Blue Quartz Snowflake Obsidian
Sodalite Tiger Eye
In order they are pictured above (left to right): Ametrine (Citrine/Amethyst mix), Bloostone, Citrine,
Rose Quartz (tumbled), Moss Agate (rough), Unikite,
Mixed Jaspers, Red Jasper, Blue Lace Agate,
Smoky Quartz, Blue Quartz, Snowflake Obsidian,
Sodalite, Tiger Eye (we pick)
Amethyst and Banded Amethyst also available (same size as Ametrine crystals pictured). Small bloodstone crystals available.


Medium Crystals ($1.50(US)ea, up to 0.75oz)

Amazonite Apache Tears
Bloodstone Hematite
In order they are pictured above (left to right): Amazonite, Apache Tears,
Bloodstone (medium), Hematite.

Large Crystals ($2(US)ea, 0.75 to 1.5oz)

Rose Quartz rough Rhodonite Kyanite
Aquamarine Chrysoprase
In order pictured above (left to right): Rough rose quartz, Rhodonite, Kyanite,
Aquamarine, Chrysoprase (apple green chalcedony).

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Pendulums ($10(US) each)

various crystal and metal
In order pictured above: Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Amethyst, and Copper/Brass. Also available in Hematite (not pictured).
Pendulum Type
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Healing Photography (at Cafepress)

Looking to have the artwork framed? Contact Baldwin Hill Framing and let Jim know that we sent you!

Spices and Teas from Mountain Rose Herbs

Please click through the link below to order organic spices and teas from Mountain Rose Herbs. These are high quality spices available in bulk at a reasonable price. ARHA uses these spices in the food we serve at our classes.

Mountain Rose Herbs. A Herbs, Health & Harmony Com

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Mountain Rose Herbs: providing organic spices, hearbs, and related products.

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