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Your Reading

Welcome to our section that gives information about your reading and the important aspects that I would like you to know before we meet together.

Like any other reputable, ethical medium I cannot and do not make any guarantees or promises to you regarding what will be given to you during your reading. I am not a 'fortune teller' nor do I use any 'props' during my readings.

What I can promise and guarantee to you though is that I will set the intention before we begin your reading that all the healing, love, messages and guidance necessary for your highest good will be known.

A person's highest good can be said to be the reality in which a soul can achieve its ascension, its Oneness with the Universe, Enlightenment... many words and phrases to describe the same thing ;-)

Experience has taught me that having a reading is perhaps akin to having a spiritual and energetic 'check-up'. Like any other check-up that we might go to, it may because we already feel that we 'need' to be checked over, or we may just be curious.

Imagine though that a person goes for a check-up having already decided what is 'wrong with them' and, indeed, what the 'diagnosis' is and what the 'cure' is going to be! That same person would then perhaps be simply seeing the 'practitioner' to get them to confirm that person's beliefs!

The above is, of course, a fanciful example yet it demonstrates how so many so called 'mediums' and 'psychics' exist out there simply to tell people what they want to hear. It also shows how we, as spiritual beings having a human experience, can decide what it is that we want to hear rather than what we actually need to hear.

Sometimes, though not always, what we think we 'need' to hear and what we actually need to hear (for our highest good) can be two completely different things.

This is why it is so important that when we meet for your reading that we are doing so with open hearts (souls) and minds. To proceed any other way will indirectly block some or all of the love, healing, messages and guidance that I can give to you.

So the only thing I ask of you is that you focus on those things which you believe, in your truth, you would like revealed during your reading and to have an open heart and mind. This will help to ensure that all the love, healing, messages and guidance that I can give to you flows to you smoothly and seamlessly. :-)

Experience has also taught me that I will be able to help you most by knowing as little as possible about you before your reading. So please don't give me details about why you want your reading!! I only need to know your Christian name, surnames are not necessary.

Other important considerations for your reading include making sure that you are in a place where you are not likely to be disturbed or interrupted during your reading. It's my policy not to read people while they are working, driving or out and about on their mobile phones. It will not be possible for you and me to link together as we need to in such circumstances.

I know the above probably doesn't apply to you, it's just important to me that everyone knows how I can best help them. Remember, all these things are said so as to ensure that I can help you as best I can and that you receive the full benefit from your reading. :-)

Our session will begin by making ourselves comfortable and relaxed. I will then briefly explain to you what we are going to do. I will remind you that this is your reading and that you may ask me anything at any time should you wish to do so during your reading.

Many people associate spirit mediums and psychic mediums with the Spiritualist church / Spiritualism movement. Although I am a spirit medium and psychic intuitive I am also a Christian and practice my faith within the Catholic Church. Contrary to popular belief, one does not need to belong to any form of Spiritualist church to be an effective spirit medium! (nor to any other church for that matter).

(So, to any Catholics out there, it's ok, you won't get struck down!! Some of the most gifted mediums and spiritual intuitives have been Catholic; it's just that the Catholic Church prefers to keep these things quieter. Padre Pio was one notable example, John Edward in more recent times).

Once we're comfy I'll light a candle to signify that you and I are meeting in Light, Love and Truth. I then set the intention for your reading by saying a prayer. I don't have any set wording for my prayers, I allow myself to be guided for each reading.

You are welcome to join me in the prayer if you wish to. If you don't wish to, or you wish to say your own prayer or intent, then that's fine too. I respect the fact that people are of differing faiths; all I ask is that any and all intentions for the reading are made in love, truth and peace.

I will then ask you to relax as much as possible and try to focus on the issues you would like addressed during the reading. You are free to ask me anything, anytime during the reading, it is your reading, just please remember to try and not give me too much information!

I might ask you to clarify something for me during the reading or to confirm other details I may give to you. Generally though, the reading is a dialogue between us, a journey, a walk through lots of rooms leading to other rooms, with each room usually containing a gift. :-)

Eventually your reading will reach a natural point where I will summarise those things that have been revealed to you and I'll also ask you if you have any other questions. I will then formally close the reading by saying a prayer of thanks and extinguishing the candle that we lit earlier.

Very often, as well as details being known at the time of the reading, the relevance of other details may become apparent in the days, weeks (and months / years in some cases) following your reading. I actively encourage all my clients to contact me to discuss these issues and, of course, there is no fee or charge for this. It is all part of sharing and facilitating the love and healing. :-)

Equally, you may want another reading or another of our services in the time following your reading. This is different to discussing the issues directly arising from your reading and would be treated as a formal session with us.

I hope these notes have helped! Sorry if I went on a bit but it is so important to me that you have a clear picture of all the different aspects that go together to form your reading.

Please do not hesitate to ask me about any queries, whatever they may be, regarding your reading or indeed if you'd like to comment or share about any of the issues I have discussed above. Use the Contact Us section of this site or feel free to call!

I look forward to talking to you soon!

Love & blessings,
Simon Davies

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