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Amethyst Rose Healing Arts Privacy Policy

Use of Email Addresses

Amethyst Rose Healing Arts values your privacy and will never rent, sell, or exchange your contact information with anyone. Subscribers to our announcements list can unsubscribe at any time and are under no obligation to receive our communications. Email addresses obtained through this contact form will only be used to respond to requests for information and inquiries about our classes and services.

The announcements list is voluntary and closed to prevent spam.

For those who have not subscribed to the announcements list, from time to time we may send an email with information related to your initial request. For example, after inquiring about a Reiki class, we may send an email about an upcoming class. If you choose not to receive any emails from us, please let us know.

Third Party Links

This website contains links to other websites which have their own services and may collect information. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of these websites. Please check the privacy policy of any website when you follow a link before using the website.

Amethyst Rose Healing Arts Disclaimer

Amethyst Rose Healing Arts offers a variety of classes and healing services, including Reiki, crystal healing and mediumship services. Those who offer these services and counsel are not medical doctors and these services are not for medical diagnostic purposes and are not a replacement for medical services.

The goal of Reiki and other modalities of Energy Healing is to restore harmony and balance by modifying the Energy System in a non-invasive manner to facilitate a self-healing and relaxation response in the client and is not considered a replacement for standard medical care.

Healing is an individual-lived experience. Therefore, a Reiki/Energy Healing practitioner is a facilitator of the health/healing process, not the cause of the changes. Change is within the control of the individual at all times. Reiki and other forms of Energy Healing complements traditional health care and can be used in collaboration with other approaches to health and healing.

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