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Healing Services Offered at ARHA:

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Reiki-Energy Healing/Reiki Sessions

Our healing policy and intent is that you receive the healing that can be provided to you for a fee that is affordable to you.. Our suggested fees for services are as follows:
$35(US) for 30 minute session
$65(US) for a one hour session
current clients and students receive a $5(US) discount
This policy is similar to our Fair Fee policy for healing services.

These are face-to-face sessions, primarily in Northern Virginia, USA in the Herndon/Oak Hill area. Payment can be by cash or check / cheque at the appointment, or through Paypal. To pay via PayPal, go to the PayPal website and send a payment to "arha (at) amethysthealing.com", or request that we send you a PayPal invoice.

To request a healing session, please use the "Contact Us" link on the left, including a phone number that we can use to contact you.

What is Reiki or any other form of Energy Healing?

Reiki is a form of energy healing. All forms of energy healing access the universal energy, they are just different means of accessing the same energy. A typical energy healing session can be done either in-person, online, over the phone, or even without an electronic or physical connection to the person. As long as permission is given to receive the healing energy, it can be accepted. In the case of someone who is unable to respond, that permission can be granted by asking that person's higher-self.

An important thing to remember is that energy healing will only do what is best for a person's higher good. It does not harm.  This is not a substitute for receiving proper medical attention. 

As part of our healing work, God is at the center of the healing process. While we use Reiki and other modalities as a framework, ultimately the healing power is channeling God's Divine healing power, working with His angels.

There are cases when pain or an illness may become more acute before improving. That is known as a "healing crisis," and it will pass in time.  The body is attempting to rid itself of whatever has been causing it distress and that is part of the healing process.

The client is always fully clothed during a session.  A typical session will begin by asking the client how he or she is doing, what is being felt in the body, how one feels emotionally, etc.  Scanning the energy field will tell the practitioner where work needs to be done, then Reiki or other energy modalities will be employed to bring the person's energy field into balance.   It is from that balance that people feel relaxed, calm, and begin to heal.  At the end, the client will be asked again to rate how he or she feels as a way to determine the effectiveness of the session. 

During the session, the client may feel heat, tingling, coolness, or sometimes nothing as the energy shifts.  Overall, most people find it very relaxing. 

In some cases, guided meditations may be used as part of the session.

Hands-on sessions can be as short as a 15 minute chair session, or a deep-healing two hour session.

Sessions can be held at the client's residence, but may incur additional travel costs to cover transportation costs.

[ Reiki-Energy Healing | Distance Healing ]

Distance Healing

A formal distance healing session is different from a healing intention. At Amethyst Rose Healing Arts, if you want to be included in our daily healing intentions, just send us an email. This is a free service offered in love and light and we will keep your request in our intentions for a month. If you need or want to be included in the intentions longer than that, send us another message!

Formal distance healing sessions are offered by arrangement when a hands-on session is not possible.

Distance healing can be accomplished two ways:

  • Non-interactive: Providing name and description of person or animal to receive healing and intention in order to direct healing either at a mutually agreed upon scheduled time (can also be approximate time, such as when the individual is normally sleeping). It is usually best to provide a general timeframe for when healing can be sent and we will conduct a session when it is needed.

    This is an intense healing session that cleans and balances the chakras and removes blocks in the person's or animal's energy field.

    Like a hands-on energy healing session, the healing is sent with the intention that it will be for the person's highest good.

    Healing can be channeled to many levels including mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. For example, someone may have a physical problem, but has an issue at the emotional level that requires healing first.

    Therefore, in this case, it is through healing at the emotional level that the person is enabled to take control of his or her health and well-being. This may begin a series of changes that could result in the physical problem either being healed or otherwise easier to cope with. This is because the person would now be emotionally stronger due to the healing that has taken place.

  • Interactive: Online healing through an online interactive service such as AIM, Yahoo Instant Messenger, MSN .NET, Skype chat, etc. This may involve a guided meditation that cleans, balances, and aligns the chakras as well as distance Reiki healing. As with all healings, the loving healing energy is sent with the intention of doing what is best for the highest good.

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